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DiVA stands for Document Imaging Viewer Application and is an efficient way of storing and retrieving your scanned documents.

The limit is set by the database and how much room you have on your server for the document files. This currently 1,048,516 TB or virtually limitless for the full SQL Server 2000 edition and 5GB for the SQL Express edition.

Licensing is not by user, so you are not limited.

It now costs much less to store documents on an imaging system with low-cost hard drives than with paper. A single page typically occupies around 8KB of disk space if the image is stored as a PDF. Each gigabyte (GB) of storage space will hold approximately 125,000 pages. A new 160GB hard drive would hold about 2 million pages!

Many document scanners and multi-function devices come equipped with duplexing functionality. When the double-sided document is scanned to PDF output using one of these devices, a separate PDF page is created for each side of the document. Speak with your authorized business machines reseller to obtain information on the correct scanning device for your application.

Many businesses realize the need for document control and have even implemented their own methods of solving the storage and retrieval problem. The scanning process is begun, documents are saved using carefully planned naming conventions, and well-organized network folder hierarchies are created for storage. Unfortunately, a well directed effort becomes quickly problematic. Problems range from users not fully understanding the network folder filing structure, incorrect file naming, to more long-term issues such as what to do when the requirement for a document imaging solution is realized and ‘point-back’ conversions have to be made without the help of any indexing or database-driven solution. The end result is often a frustrating, costly and time-consuming effort that could have been avoided by implementing a solution like DiVA.

Most imaging systems can support documents scanned at various resolutions, from 50 dpi to 600 dpi (or more) depending on your scanner. Depending on the purpose and the contents of the page, most documents are scanned in black and white at 300 dpi.

DiVA uses SQL Server from Microsoft.

Compass Consulting developed this software in response to user requests for a more intuitive and user-friendly storage and retrieval solution that had a flexible licensing model for document imaging. See

Too many programs are too complicated! We have tried to make DiVA as intuitive and easy to use as possible, with little or no training required.

  1. Reduce the cost of storing documents
  2. Faster retrieval of documents
  3. View documents with a Web Browser
  4. Sharing of document images to multiple workstations simultaneously
  5. Convert paper to information and store boxes off site

DiVA uses the industry standard PDF format. However, it can be easily adapted to accommodate other file types such as TIFF.

No, since DiVA runs inside your browser it only requires a computer capable of running your web browser such as Internet Explorer.

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