Features Overview

Basic Overview Features of the DiVA Document Management Program

While the DiVA™ product has been designed to address the complex needs of a document imaging, archival and retrieval solution, the user-interface has been engineered to mask this complexity from the user. While many software solutions have a bloat of features presented to the user, DiVA presents the primary functions to the user in a simple and truly user-friendly design. In fact, you won’t find a shorter learning curve on any other product of its kind – most users are fully trained and ready to go in 10 minutes!

DiVA electronically splits and merges documents. With DiVA, you won’t be standing at the copier manually collating and separating documents. Simply load the entire stack, scan it, and let DiVA do the work of electronically splitting the stack into the desired separate document files. Or select a group of documents and merge them into one!

DiVA is a completely web-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product, so there is no need to install on workstations. Using DiVA is as simple as opening your Internet browser-of-choice and navigating to the DiVA address. DiVA’s web-based architecture means your remote workers can access it from virtually anywhere in the world.

DiVA is designed to work with a single document up to millions at a time. Using Microsoft’s SQL Server as its database engine, DiVA’s scalability is never an issue.

DiVA pricing is based solely on your storage usage. There is no costly per-user licensing. DiVA will economically meet your needs today — and your growing needs tomorrow.

DiVA will interact with any hardware device. It is not picky. No matter what brand or type of device you want to receive input from, DiVA will work with it.

Using Microsoft’s SQL Server as its database engine, DiVA’s data repository is fully open.

Built on Microsoft’s .NET platform and using SQL Server as its database engine, DiVA is designed to easily allow the addition of new features and provides for seamless integration to external systems.

DiVA has been designed with flexibility in mind. Having been successfully implemented in a wide variety of businesses, including manufacturing and engineering firms, legal offices, service providers, accounting departments, and more, DiVA’s carefully planned design has proved it has what it takes to serve any industry.

More About DiVA

HIPAA Compliance

Regarding HIPAA compliance, at DiVA Solutions we are aware that this is an important and often complex consideration. DiVA is a HIPAA-compliant software and maintains compliance with HIPAA security standards related to Electronic Protected Health Information (EPHI).

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DiVA 4.3 is Out!

New Features Spotlight

Recently Introduced the Following New Features in the Latest Version of DiVA

Full Text Document Search

Full text search is now an integral feature of DiVA! While you can still search on your indexed fields, you can also search on any of the text available in your documents.

Archiving/Extracting Documents

It is now possible to purge obsolete documents, en masse from DiVA, it’s a simple task with DiVA’s Archiving feature. Just perform a search for the documents to be archived or extracted, and then click the Archive button to create a repository of the files complete with the information that was originally used to index them. If you choose to extract your documents they will automatically be removed from DiVA.

Automated Importing

Are you wondering how you will initially load all your thousands of paper documents into DiVA? Don’t worry, DiVA has an automated import feature that will accept the most common electronic data formats for indexing information and image files. We can arrange for the processing of your paper documents into scanned images with a bonded service that will do the job right and in a timely fashion.

Collating Documents

It’s an electronic document imaging system, so why should you have to stand at the copier manually sorting paper? No more manual collation with DiVA. DiVA offers automated cutting, copying, splitting and merging of your electronic documents. So go ahead and put the whole stack of paper in the copier and let DiVA do the rest.

Document Grouping

Using DiVA’s user-friendly search function, a collection of documents can be group for rapid retrieval in the future without the need to refine search criteria. If you need to group documents by project, or are out the door to an important meeting, this feature means your important documents are ready to go.

Document Moving

No need to re-scan and re-index misfiled documents. Easily move documents from one scanned location (application) to another.

Integrated Active Directory Login

DiVA now supports Active Directory authentication. No more having to remember an extra username and password just simply use your current networks login information.

Imagine Your Desk Free of Paperwork

Hosted Document

Did you know? DiVA is available as a Hosted SaaS Solution (Software-as-a-Service).

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